BREAKING: Israel Has Confirmed It Will Participate In Dubai Expo 2020

Praise to the UAE for always striving to be more inclusive

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Dubai Expo 2020 sent out invitations to all 192 countries to take part in this historic event next year.

“We have invited all countries in the world without exception, in line with our commitment to making Expo 2020 Dubai a truly international event and platform for all of humanity,” an official spokesperson said in a statement.

And now Israel has confirmed its participation in the Expo next year, making it the most inclusive and international Expo ever organised.

This is HUGE!

Israel's ministry said it “looks forward to sharing our innovative spirit and advances” at the 2020 Expo in Dubai

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel’s participation is another expression of the state’s “rising status in the world and the region”

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In fact, despite severing all diplomatic relations with Qatar in 2017, the organisers of Expo 2020 are currently in talks with the Doha government to participate in the event.

With the spirit of tolerance and inclusivity at its heart, Expo 2020 is shaping up to be a truly global platform for all of humanity

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