These EPIC Airstream-Like Camping Trailers Are FINALLY Open For Business

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As soon as the images of these modern campers were revealed, we RAN to check availability.

Part of new luxury trailer options in Hatta, these trailers are 'glamping at its most extra' and you can stay in the Hatta Sedr Trailers start from AED250, not bad right?!

This is the first boutique hotel-trailer concept in the region

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Made from repurposed trailers, each one comes with its own terrace and nearby viewing deck of the stunning Hajar mountains

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Or try the Hatta Damani Lodges

Not far from the Hatta Wadi Hub are these lodges, you won't get as close to nature in comfort like this anywhere else. From AED250 per night, learn more here

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Visitors will have the opportunity to explore surrounding Hatta

A Dubai village high in the Hajar mountains, there are plenty of historical and cultural heritage sites to visit, along with biking paths, hiking trails and a lake.

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