There Is Simply No Night Out Quite Like Sky 2.0 In Dubai Right Now

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Talk to anyone from Beirut and they'll tell you; SKYBAR is THE club to be at every weekend in the Lebanese capital; and as Beirut is hands down one of the biggest party cities in the region, you have to take their word for it.

Finallyyyyy, to the serious delight of party-loving Lebanese crowd, SKY2.0Dubai has arrived in the UAE.

SKY 2.0 is located in D3 and the exterior looks like a sleek, oval space-pod

On first impression this spot stands out from the crowd.

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This club is beautiful

With the open air, palm trees scattered throughout and with a huge bar as the central focal point, makes us think Miami vibes! Huge LED screens takeover one upper side of the club - a similar style as the Beirut venue, but it’s the coordination of lights, smoke and entertainers that sets this place apart.

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Describing the entertainment in one word is not possible

So here's what's up:

Whilst a mix of burlesque dancers and neon robo suits dance on the bar, Cirque du Soleil type aerial rope artists dominate the air above you, and dancers whose outfits would fit right in at the utterly flamboyant Burning Man roam the tables.

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There is no club quite like SKY 2.0 in Dubai right now

While its setup is similar to its competitors, nearby Base and WHITE, with two steps of tables looking down on a central bar, unlike the others, there is no main central dance floor. Meaning it has less of a dance club vibe than its sister, and the majority of other Dubai clubs. Worry not, you’ll still dance plenty in this more upmarket bar/club experience.

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The important bits

Sky 2.0 is located in Dubai Design District

Wednesdays to Fridays from 10pm to 4am

Call +971 58633 3633 or email RESERVATIONS@SKYDUBAI.COM

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