Sweets in 'dangerous' packaging get banned in Dubai

...considered a threat to children

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Fancy sweets in silly containers, cool right? Actually, no as far as Dubai Authorities are concerned. They've issued a warning against sweets they say are packaged in harmful containers.

We're talking the ones packaged in the likes of glass lightbulbs, chewing gum in toothpaste tubes and juice in plastic syringes.

Dubai Municipality issued a public notice on Monday saying: “it is strictly prohibited to package sweets in medical-shaped equipment, such as in creams or medical tubes, or in objects that are made from hazardous materials.”

Dubai municipality has also warned against toys that are made of glass, such as the lightbulb sweet containers, as it could be harmful when bitten into and confuse children into shattering real lightbulbs and eat the contents.

They stressed that many of these banned sweets were being distributed in unlicensed shops.

Cigarette-shaped sweets were also mentioned in the public notice because they can encourage children to pick up the habit of smoking. 

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