The British Embassy Has Issued A Warning To Expats For The World Cup

Regardless of whether it's coming home, or not.

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The British Embassy has reminded nationals in the UAE to respect the local laws and cultures, during the World Cup, following a viral video of a man dancing naked.

The England supporter was filmed dancing on a table at a Media City hotel last week during the England-Colombia game, and the videos have gone viral.

The man's whereabouts are currently unknown with some reports stating he fled to the UK.

The embassy released message stating: "We at the British embassy in the UAE have been enjoying this year’s World Cup, particularly the fantastic run that the England team are enjoying."

And elaborated

“Wherever you’re enjoying the football, ensure that you are aware of and respecting the local laws and customs. For more information on the laws and customs in the UAE, please check the UK’s Travel Advice."