A Round Up Of The Best Gyms In Dubai

It's always beach season here so it's about time you get yourself into shape

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From incredibly hard core personal training facilities to social and fun group workouts, Dubai's gym scene is vast and varied.

Some are all rounders and some you probably can'f afford but below are definitely the best fitness facilities you'll find in Dubai. You can expect all gyms to come equipped with the usual equipment so we're only going to mention the really great stuff.

Disclaimer: Once you read the information below you will have no more excuses not to go and join a gym. Read at you own risk.

1. Fit Republik - Sports City

Tucked away in sports city this gym is unbelievable. On top of the usual facilities it boasts a 50 meter pool, highly experienced trainers, Olympic weight training and deep freeze CYRO therapy... this gym really has got everything. You could even spend a day here; once you finish working out you can head to Nathalies, their on site cafe for some super healthy post workout munch and later to Kickers, the sports bar upstairs. Who knew hanging out at the gym could be so fun?!

Worth the trek out to sports city? Abso frickin'lutley.


2. Fitness First - 19 Locations

With 19 locations across Dubai this gym would make our list for convenience alone. Depending on your what grade of membership you purchase you only have access to specific locations so double check before you commit. Warning: one location does a hot chocolate that is ridiculously good...but it's also totally counter-productive to be serving liquid chocolate at a gym!


3. Tribe Fit - Dubai Marina

This place is all about making the gym a fun social spot you'll look forward to working out at. A resident DJ bangs out your favorite tunes while you work out and gives the gym a great buzzy atmosphere. As well as the wide range of classes (which includes beach boot camps) the gym also organizes plenty of brunches, coffee mornings and movie nights so members can get to know each other outside of the gym.


4. Uenergy - DIFC

These guys really have your health and fitness as their number one priority. Come here for a serious workout and afterwards enjoy the uber chilled out lounge area and their cafe U Fuel. It's a great spot to get a post-workout snack; try their gourmet salad bar or anything from their specialized menu.

5. Fitness 360 - 4 locations

This gym promotes an all round healthy lifestyle, it's not just about your workout at the gym but it's about how you live your life outside the gym too. With four branches around the city, plenty of specialized classes and a full ladies only branch, this is fast becoming a hugely popular city gym.


6. Symmetry - Opposite FGB Metro

At this 'anti-gym' you won't find group yoga or zumba classes. This gym is totally focused on the individuals needs, each work out is tailor made for you and your progress is monitored and evolved by the PT's.

You're paying a bit more for this but for an incredibly in-depth personal training plan this is the place to come. We also love their Instagram page; the quick videos that offer health tips are hilarious (we're not convinced they're actually meant to be comedies but we enjoy them none the less...#goforawalk!)

7. Physique 57 - City Walk / Al Thanya Mall

Sorry boys but this one is just for the ladies. This workout took New York by storm and it's doing the same here too for ladies in the know. Each incredible dance workout is specifically designed to incorporate most of the bodies muscles, have you always dreamed of having an incredible dancers body? Well then this is the work out for you.

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8. 24 Fitness - Al quoz

This is the largest gym in the UAE and it's hugely popular. Reasonable rates, free wi-fi and a pay per use system mean this gym has got plenty of regulars.

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