The 6 Top Places To Get Arabic Coffee

Incase you're after a serious caffeine fix this morning...


We're obsessed with coffee here at Lovin Dubai, and always on the hunt for that perfect, freshly brewed cup.

Luckily, Dubai is pretty good at giving us our caffeine fix, especially when it comes to Arabic Coffee: a rich and strong blend boiled in a tin or copper dallah (small pot) usually served without sugar. Grab a straight Arabic coffee or go for one that has spices like cardamom and saffron ground in with the beans.

Fancy a try? Here's our fave places in Dubai to satisfy your Arabic coffee craving

The Coffee Museum

Dubai loves coffee so much, it even has a coffee museum (much to our delight). The museum is located in Al Fahidi District, one of Dubai’s most historical neighborhoods. It boasts a large selection of coffees from different parts of the world. You can also choose from three different methods of live brewing: Ethiopian, Egyptian and Emirati (we recommend trying them all). It's a unique spot which offers a relaxing atmosphere coupled with traditional architecture and oriental settings.



According to the founders, the name comes from “always getting the right ratios” when making coffee. This place is not exactly in Dubai, but many coffee lovers are willing to cross the infamous Dubai-Sharjah highway in order to get their fill on high quality Single Origins beans. There you can enjoy Arabic coffee brewed in-house using beans from Kenya, Panama and Columbia.


Khan Murjan

How about sipping on authentic Arabic coffee while sitting in a Syrian-type traditional house complete with a small fountain and live Oud music? Khan Murjan in Wafi Mall offers all that in addition to delicious coffee and tasty Arabic sweets and treats.


Arabia Tea House Coffee

It might be named after “tea”, but this spot in the traditional Meena Bazaar area of Dubai serves great Saudi-style coffee (light bodied, cardamom flavoured) in addition to the regular Arabic one. What we like the most about this café is the “Secret Garden” where you can enjoy your coffee in cozy and intimate surroundings in the heart of Dubai’s historical district.


Spill the bean

What is great about this café in Sunset Mall is that it uses 100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade, single origin beans. The offering extends to healthy treats such as organic dates and seed bars, sugar free pudding jars and wholewheat pancakes.


La Serre

You might not necessarily associate Downtown’s La Serre with Arabic coffee but it does serve an amazing one. What’s even better is you can enjoy that dose of caffeine with some of the best French toast in town.


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