Someone Has Placed A Shrine Of The Sudan Flag Under A Bridge In Jumeirah And Left Touching Letters


A Dubai resident found a mini 'shrine' of sorts with the Sudanese flag in Jumeirah- where someone placed envelopes giving a crash course on the recent occurrences in Sudan.

Twitter user, Ali Storz, shared the incredible photos he took after having discovered the flag under a bridge in Jumeirah.

Notes were left and in it were a series of 'crash courses' to help educate people on what's been happening in Sudan

Although it is unknown who left the shrine, the purpose of it was pretty evident- and it's to help shed light on the situation, educating those who are unaware of the crisis.

The series of letters, enclosed in envelopes and places around the flag of the Northeast African country, gave brief timelines on the occurrences that have taken place in Sudan since Monday.

'The power of social media'

On Friday, another Dubai resident used the social media platform, Twitter, to help out any Sudanese who are stuck in the city- as a result of flights to Sudan being cancelled or postponed. Mustafa Khalid offered his home to anyone in need of a place to stay until the situation clears.

Many of the regional and international community lauded him for his kindness.

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