10 Memes That Sum Up EXACTLY How We Feel During The Summer Here

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It’s so frickin' hot and sticky right now; your hair's a mess, you're developing sweat in places you never knew you could and your mouth permanently feels like the bottom of a sandal...dry and sandy. Alas summer is finally upon us, so here are a couple of great memes that sum up how we feel.

1. It's just too damn hot


2. This feeling...

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3.  Sunday to Thursday struggles


4. It's like you'll never be clean


5. One of those days


6. When someone suggests going to the beach


7. Happening already...

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8. Is this just us?


9. There's always one who forgets

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10. This is definitely worse if you live in the Marina

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Casey Fitzgerald

You'll find Casey teaching a class full of kids by day and eagerly restaurant hopping by night. Always excited about unique dining experiences, she never eats at the same place twice...