7 Alternative (And Slightly Ridiculous) Ways To Cool Down This Summer

Because sometimes the AC breaks

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Despite being the mildest June we've had in years, the harsh summer is beginning to rear it's ugly, humid head and, in the past few weeks, the weather has been heating up.  

Because we have yet to manufacture our own personal AC units (Lovin Dubai: patent pending) we've had to come up with some more interesting ways to keep cool during the summer months. Here are some of our faves. What ones have you tried?

1. Pay your other-half/colleague/cousin to stand at your side waving a fan

Pro's: You look like an absolute boss with your own personal fan-man.

Cons: Erm, there are none. 


2. Install a makeshift fri-tent in your kitchen and live in it indefinitely

Fri-tent=fridge tent...Incredibly Stupid or Stupidly Incredible...we'll let you decide.

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3. Have a friend stick cool, thin slices of cucumber all over your face 

This actually works...apparently. And you can munch on the cucumber once you're done; Double win!

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4. Repeat the ice bucket challenge every half hour until your skin is numb to the effects of the ice...and the heat

Who knew this charitable cause would have more than one amazing purpose? To ensure maximum body-temp droppage, the ice bucket fun will need to be continuously repeated. Expect blisters...

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5. Try and snag a job at ski Dubai

Spending most of your summer in a man-made icebox is a sure way of keeping your body temperature down

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6. Work up a sweat

Why? Because sweating is your body's natural way of cooling down so why not actually trying it. Not keen on exercise? Don't worry, even a light stroll in this weather should work up a fine layer of perspiration.


7. Refuse to get out of the shower until summer is over

Your roommates won't love you for it, but what do you care? You've finally found a spot that's comfortable!

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Casey Fitzgerald

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