Summer Is Coming: 11 Reasons Why This Is Actually A Good Thing

Somebody needs to look on the bright side!

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Summer is coming, which in Dubai basically means a mass exodus of anyone with an amazing boss or half a brain-cell. Temperatures soar, sandstorms reign and unlike the rest of the world, summer usually draws a negative attitude from the people who stick it out here. 

BUT WHY? We happen to think summer in Dubai is the bomb. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. No one is going to judge you for having sweat patches

And that little droplet of sweat that's going to sit on your top-lip all summer long is deemed tolerable too...Score!

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2. Summer is the only time it's socially acceptable to attempt Kylie / Snoop braids

We're not the fashion police but people seem pretty firm on this. 


3. You finally have an excuse NOT to be active 

Living in such a warm climate, our weekends are filled with outdoorsy activities. It's great, but sometimes we just wanna be lazy, yano?

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4. The nightmare traffic on SZR won't be nearly as bad as usual

Shorter commute (More time in bed)? Yes PLEASE!

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5. You can finally enjoy the sites without being bothered by hordes of pesky tourists

You think tourists can handle the heat like us hardened Dubaiites? Think again. While sun-chasers navigate towards the Med, we can finally enjoy all of our favourite spots in relative peace. Fountain show anyone?

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6. It's the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of sunnies

Not because you want them, but because you NEED them 


7. You can binge eat for the entire summer

Summer in Dubai is definitely NOT bikini season; it's more like the anti-summer really. Go forth and binge in the coming months, nobody needs to know!

If you need any more persuasion, (as if) we recommend ANY of these bad boy desserts from some incredible bake spots around the city. 

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8. You can finally cook an egg on the pavement

Or you can at least try anyway...#breakfast goals

Fried Egg

9. You'll appreciate your AC like a marathon runner appreciates H2O at the 22nd mile

NOTHING is more satisfying than the ice-cold blast of air that hits you as you walk inside.

Air Conditioning O 1924131

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10. You can guzzle down all the Iced Lattes you want without feeling guilty

Ice = water = rehydration. You need them. It's science. And here's where you can get them.

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11. Because no one wants to come here, (idiots) flights are a whole lot cheaper

Dubai is not the most attractive destination during the hot summer months, (to tourists obvs, we know it's great). With the number of travellers reduced, airlines adjust their prices accordingly. So get booking that dream vacay now. 

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