Here's One Footballer Who Wont Be Playing For Italy Tonight And You Won't Even Recognise Him


Mario Balotelli

'Super Mario' was in Dubai this week and it looks like he had a great time.

Often known for his 'off-field' antics, Mario obviously decided that 'off-road' is even more fun as he hit the desert in traditional style.

He's been known to drive some managers mad but here he is driving a motorcycle around the city instead (in his own unique style, obviously).


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Obviously Mario read our post about Platinum Heritage desert safaris... here he is with the crew.

He was once in trouble for letting off fireworks in his house in Manchester... luckily no need for his pyrotechnics here as Dubai has that covered.

Good morning 😉

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He isn't always loved by his team, but we love you here Mario - Ramadan Kareem

I wish to all Muslims #ramadankareem

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And finally...

Balotelli wasn't the only former Liverpool footballer in Dubai last week - we also spied Harry Kewell, Milan Baros and Neil Mellor hanging out in the sun. Either they weren't invited to Balotelli's road trips or they couldn't recognise him in his Dubai attire.

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Claire Peach