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Buying A Christmas Tree In Satwa Is Basically The Most Dubai Thing You Can Do

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On the fabulous long weekend, my pal and I decided to venture out to Satwa to procure a fresh Christmas tree.

And it was a fab experience – one that I’ll always remember. I’m a bit of a festive nut, or ‘aggressively festive’, so love Christmassy things like shopping for decorations and the like.

Why Satwa

It’s a bit of a Dubai institution, and I’ve been told the prices are good. Though I wasn’t really sure where exactly to go, or how to go about it. I did look into Ace Hardware, Christmas Trees Dubai and the like, but some didn’t have the right size, or right price – and Christmas Trees Dubai did, but they aren’t delivered until the 8th and I simply could not wait that long.

So, Satwa it was, if nothing else, just for a look.

We were tipped off by a friend for where to go – Hudaiba Street for those playing at home – and headed there.

As we slowly putted our way in the Satwa traffic, the tree tops from a distance caught our eye, dozens of happy fir trees sitting in trucks, waiting to be taken to a happy home.

There’s absolutely zero parking, so in true Dubai style, it’s a matter of pulling into the side lane – in front of the trucks and putting your hazard lights on.

Then it’s onto the footpath, into the rows of trees to start haggling

I’ve done due diligence in checking prices in stores, online and everywhere I could possibly fathom would sell fresh trees, and so I was aware of price points, and sizes.

A 5-6ft is around AED500, 6-7ft AED600 and then the monstrous 7-8ft around AED700 in stores.

You traipse down the footpath, among the trucks full of trees, arguing with men over prices – it’s glorious.

I managed to get an 8ft tree for AED650 – a fresh Canadian Fraser Fir, after arguing with the seller for a few minutes.

It struck me while bartering, how very ‘Dubai’ it all is

The multiculturalism of it is so rich, in an Arab country, outside all kinds of kooky stores, arguing with an Indian national about prices over a Christian holiday – for a Canadian tree.

It’s kind of awesome, that this experience is readily available to use, and that we can all share our special celebrations.

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