6 Staggering Very-New Developments That Prove The Future Is Now In Dubai

Self-flying taxis, settlements on Mars...we can't keep up!

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The World Government Summit took place this week and unless you've been keeping a constant eye on Twitter you may have missed some of these astonishing future developments.

With guests at the summit including prominent business figures, heads of state, international thought leaders and pioneers, the world was watching and many of the developments released have made national headlines. With these recent  announcements and a couple from the last year, Dubai is proving itself as a city of the future. Here are the six most exciting:

1. The city is introducing self-flying drone taxis this summer

A personal Lovin favourite to start, this one has taken over local and international news in the last couple of days: an autonomous aerial vehicle that will transport you around in the city for short or medium distances. Bypassing the usual transportation issues (traffic and petrol-guzzling) if these 'take off' (sorry) Dubai will easily have one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world. 

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2. The Government is exploring the settlement of a city on Mars

Did you know the UAE is in the top 9 countries IN THE WORLD for contribution to space science? Neither did we, but as usual it looks like they're ahead of the game. Dubbed 'Mars2117' the project aims 'to facilitate the arrival of human to the Red Planet in the next decades'. 

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3. The RTA Has Just Purchased 200 Electric Cars To Add To It's Fleet

In a clear bid to become a green city and another indicator that the company doesn't plan to rely on oil and gas forever. The hybrid electric cars are produced by Tesla which has just launched in the region, which means we will be seeing a lot more of these electric cars in the near future.

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4. A Dubai to Abu Dhabi Hyperloop journey which will take JUST 12 minutes is under construction

Approved by the Government three months ago the Hyperloop team are already hard at work on this one. We can't wait to hear some new updates.

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5. Plans for the world's first rotating tower are being made

To be completed by 2021, this tower also made international headlines this week. The video looks very intriguing, check it out below

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6. The new 'tallest building in the world' in under construction

This isn't totally new but just a little reminder. Construction started on the Dubai Creek Tower last year and with the world's newest tallest building, costing 3.67 billion dollars is expected to be completed by 2020 people are already excited

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