8 Of The Best Places To Eat On Your Own In Dubai

No reason to share food, happy days

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Solo restaurants are now a thing, and we're bloody loving it. 

However, there is a stigma surrounding eating on your own that needs to be destroyed. 

Let's clarify a couple of things: 

  • It's perfectly fine to eat by yourself. 
  • Lots of people do it.
  • You do not look weird.

Sometimes, we just need to be alone with our thoughts - and more importantly, our food. And we DO appreciate that sometimes you want to minimise the awkwardness and blend in with the crowd.

Here are some of our favourite spots for solo dining in the city...

1. Nandos, The Greens

It's a part of a little community so not as crowded as the Sheikh Zayed Road branch would be. Perfect opportunity to enjoy that mild half chicken peri-peri with the sides.

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2. Circle Cafe, Media City 

The interior is minimalistic, the table settings are for two, or you can go enjoy your meal outdoors overlooking the "lake". A lot of people dine there alone, especially during office lunch break hours. 

3. Sumo Sushi, Internet City

They've got a great sushi bar, perfect for your quick sushi fix!

4. Subway (anywhere really)

Again, it's quick and you get to either take it home or dine in a corner. Why not?

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5. Have pizza at The Marina Walk

Beautiful dim setting, outdoor views, lots of inspiration for the artsy people

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6. Richy's, JLT

Tiny space, customiseable salad bar and outdoor seating. Perfect!

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7. Shakeism, Al Barsha

Whether it's to have the "Thug Life" or their best-selling "Cheesecake Factory" milkshake, the tiny branch in Al Barsha is a good spot for to enjoy this alone. No one's going to judge you, we all do it.

Try their grilled cheese sandwiches too!

8. Art House Cafe, Al Wasl Road

A little gem where you can enjoy a hot karak along with traditional Emirati food for breakfast. Not to mention, the interior is enthralling. 

They've got a great selection of books that you can read for free too!

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