Careem Is Upping Its Rates But It's Not All Bad News

Some of the fares will go up, but some will be cheaper

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Ride hailing app, Careem has announced changes to its rates following a similar announcement by competitor, Uber. 

The rates will vary - though some are increased, other rates are decreasing - with starting fares being reduced. 

The rates are valid for economy bookings - Careem GO remains unaffected. 

Previous rates

  • Starting fare: AED8
  • Minimum fare: AED16.5
  • Moving fare/km: AED2.24
  • Waiting fare/hour: AED58.4

New rates

  • Starting fare: AED5.4/6.7/10.6 (depending on time of day)
  • Minimum fare: AED15
  • Moving fare/km: AED2.38
  • Waiting fare/hour: AED51.5

The new rates were effective as of May 7. 

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