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Leo Messi Is In A New Video For Expo 2020 And It Might Just Give You The CHILLS

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Argentinian footballer, Lionel Messi, has just taken part in a MAJOR promo video for the upcoming Expo 2020.


Ever since it had been announced that Dubai was to host the World Expo on October 20, 2020 a few years back- Messi was ALREADY the first person chosen to be the event’s brand ambassador back in 2016.

So it’s incredible to see this actually follow through, considering the 31-year-old legend has been in and out of Dubai- almost like it’s his second home.

Watch the video below:

This will give you all the feeeeeels

The video showcases a lot about Dubai’s pre-existing culture that is built on tolerance, unity and collaboration.

Seeing all the other countries’ clips featured is adding to the hype up and countdown to Expo 2020.

YES to this!

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