OPINION: I'm Sick Of Paying AED100 For Breakfast In Dubai

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I love getting breakfast at the weekends.

It's the best meal of the week by far. Not because 'it sets you up for the rest of the day', but the whole long, lazy and indulgent process of heading out and treating yourself to a usually delicious meal.

And there are plenty of places to choose from; with cafes, restaurants, golf clubs and hotels all cashing in on the people's love of the morning meal.

But the part that makes me sick? When a simple plate can cost you AED60, and that's never more than a plate of glorified eggs and bread...

The cost of it takes the fun out of it

Add an AED20 coffee, (ballpark) a smoothie or a juice for AED25 and don't get me started on the the 'sides' which can sometimes set you back AED10 each (HOW someone can charge AED10 for a couple of grilled tomatoes or sautéed mushrooms is beyond me).

Before you know it, you've spent over AED100 on a breakfast. 


'Eggs cost AED5, bread costs AED5, so why does my breakfast not cost AED10?' That's not the argument I'm making, obviously. Restaurants have more overheads and costs than someone, like me, who doesn't work in the restaurant industry could probably imagine. 

The Food Sheikh, a food reviewer in Dubai who's worth a read (over your over-priced weekend breakfast) put together an infographic about the 'actual' cost of a burger in Dubai, concluding the final profit is not as big as you'd expect. 

But my problem is some places are charging fair prices, while many others are just having a laugh.

Places getting it right

Places like Raju Omlet are killing it with omlets costing around AED13, The Scene has a good breakfast deal where you can get any of their specials (this includes an omlete, a crushed avo' dish or an epic bacon butty)  and a coffee for AED35 and a place you wouldn't expect; the Bouchon Bakery on JBR does quality savory sandwiches and croissants for around AED10. 

AED20 is a fair price for something this good

When it comes down to it; people want three things

'Gram worthy pricey breakfasts spots are ten to the dozen in Dubai now and soon supply will meet demand and then some. 

With so many choices people will go to the place that ultimately offers the best breakfast experience; a comfortable space, reasonable price and, of course, a bangin' breakfast.

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Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.