Meet Charity: Her Appreciation For What Dubai Has Given Her Is Something We Can All Learn From

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After a couple of minutes chatting with Charity, her smile filled the room.

Her enthusiasm for Dubai is infectious... on the day she came to the Lovin Dubai office where we interviewed her for the first episode of Season 2 for Blessed in Dubai, it was the first time she had ever used a Metro; she's in awe of this city, everything from the sky-high buildings and the incredible mix of cultures to the kindness of people she's met along the way and the progress she's made since she arrived.

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The flight she took to Dubai was the first time she ever left her home country

Moving to Dubai last year, it was her first time on an airplane and her first time leaving Ghana, a brave move to leave your entire family at home and enter the complete unknown.

Charity came to Dubai as part of Evolvin' Women, an incredible organisation that brings women from Ghana to Dubai and helps them gain skills necessary to create a living and help make them more employable back home.

Charity works as a housekeeper at Double Tree Hilton, Business Bay; she says the standards here for excellent, which in turn gives her pride in her work and it's experience she wants to bring home to Ghana.

From having money in her bank, living independently and learning skills she'll use to help improve her own community, here's why Charity feels Blessed in Dubai

Charity was featured in Blessed in Dubai 2019 - Episode 1, a Ramadan web-series created to share the stories of why people feel Blessed to be here.

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