Five Reasons you need to visit Bab Al Yam at the Burj Al Arab

The chocolate tap is just one of them!

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The Bab Al Yam restaurant at the Burj Al Arab has recently undergone a complete facelift, so we went along to check out this casual eatery in the world's only 7-star hotel. Unaware of what to expect, we donned our finest attire and went along to sample the latest offering from the Iconic Dubai landmark. It’s fair to say that we were in for a surprise. This isn’t just any buffet. This is a Bab Al Yam Buffet.

Located on the pool level of the hotel, you are instantly transported to a relaxed setting with beautifully arranged live food stations and amazing service. You’d expect nothing less at the Burj Al Arab, of course, but the mixture of decadence with relaxed dining is quite unique.

Here's five reasons to make the trip...

1. The chocolate tap

It may seem wrong to start with a sweet tooth on this review, but when you’ve tried the chocolate that is quite literally on tap here, you’ll understand why. The French Valrhona chocolate here is 46% pure cocoa (which is a major amount of cocoa), and ridiculously good. You can pick from fresh fruit on sticks and then either dip them in and eat straightaway, or take a bowl of this goodness to your table and take your time filling your face. It's the best chocolate we've ever tried and reason on its own to visit Bab Al Yam.

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2. The salads

Ok, not many people get excited about salads and we can't blame you...but these are next level indulgence. These salads (there's about ten different types) cover every taste from seafood and cheeses to healthy kale and's all here.

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3. The sheer quantity of choice

From the huge array of salads we've mentioned to stonebaked pizza, from freshly grilled salmon to seared steaks, from oysters to foie gras, pasta to paella, the choice here is unreal. I’d recommend the steak, teamed with the creamiest mac'n'cheese I’ve tasted in Dubai, with a side of the beef Bresoala salad. Oh. And don’t forget to finish up with the chocolate tap. Did we mention they have the best chocolate tap in the region?

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4. The setting and relaxed atmosphere

We’ve visited the Burj Al Arab on a few occasions, and usually when you dine here, there is a sense of formality that you feel obliged to get involved with. This isn’t the case at Bab Al Yam. Being a an eat-all-you-can buffet ,you may think that the food is your classic buffet choices and tastes (how long has this chicken been sat here?) but this really isn’t the case here. The quality of food is as you’d expect from the Burj, delicious, fresh, stunning, but you feel relaxed and as though you can speak at volume about how good everything is. Not the most romantic option in the hotel (until you sit outside on the terrace) but for a casual dining experience in Dubai, this is quite possibly the best that you will find.

Choose from sitting indoors in the bright and airy dining area or sit poolside on the al fresco terrace and look up at the Burj Al Arab in all its beauty. The views from here are amazing, if you haven’t been: from your seat you can take in downtown on one side, and the marina on the other. It’s such a pretty place that you may never want to leave. The fact that there’s a chocolate tap will make it even more difficult of course…

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah  Bab Al Yam

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Burj Al Arab Bab Al Yam

5. The staff...

Bright and bubbly, the staff here are engaging without being too in your face. The waiters will talk you through the dishes, the live station chefs will take the time to explain what they're making and change it for you as needed, to suit your dietary requirements, the sommelier with talk you through options for your drinks. This is quality service, but yet again without the formalities of a fine dining establishment. We’ve never experienced this anywhere else, and it really is a refreshing change.

If you're looking for Dubai's poshest buffet...this is your answer.

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Important Info:

Where? Ground Floor, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Road, Um Suqeim, Dubai

How much? Breakfast (non guests): 07.00am - 09.00am - AED 325 per person 

Lunch: 12.30pm - 15.30pm - AED 350 per person 

Dinner: served from 19.00pm to 23.30pm - AED 395 per person

Telephone: +971 4 301 7600

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