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Samsung’s EPIC Galaxy Studio Is Finally In Dubai And Here’s What You Can Expect

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There’s been SO much buzz about the latest Samsung’s devices that even HH Sheikh Hamdan got in on the action.

With new features and well-thought-out upgrades- Samsung created a cool event to ensure that peeps don’t just read about these changes- but live to experience them.

There’s a futuristic installation called the Samsung Galaxy Studio at City Walk that you NEED to check out.

The whole experience is segregated into NINE different areas set up in a large space- and each stop is an adventure of its own.

Stage 1: Guests are welcomed into the space, where they are given Galaxy S10+, S10 and S10e devices

So everyone that enters the space will temporarily get to use the devices as key to other zones, and you can get a feel of it in the duration of your time there.

Think of the phone as your key to opening each ‘domain,’ as well as a tracker that ticks off each journey as you experience each stage.

The first stage consists of entering a room; your fingerprint is then scanned by the back of the phone- which acts as a determiner of a ‘mood’ colour. You’re then immediately transported to an infinite reflection of an all-white room, SO trippy!

Your mood colour, in my case was yellow, then fills up the room to a hallucinogenic-like trance of ALL things yellow.

Samsung Galaxy

Stage 2: The Occular Odyssey

There’s NOTHING quite like this.

The selfie you take with the phone detects your eye colour then turns the entire room the same hue- in mosaic form.

Selfie anybody?

Stage 3: Step up your ‘gram game by this artsy-cool installation

The art deco element and infusion of vibrant colours is one NOT to miss. Your feed will thank you for it.

Strike a pose!

Stage 4: Don’t leave without trying your luck at the crane game!

Try your hand at the claw machine AND see what awesome goodies you get to take home. Artist Hattie Stewart collaborated with Samsung on freebies like phone stickers, magnets and bags.

AND the journey has JUST begun!

Screen Shot 2019 04 14 At 3 17 04 Pm

Stage 5: ‘The Chill Zone’

For the full experience, everyone has to take a break- so why not do it in style?

A chill lounge has been put in place where you and your mates can sit back, relax and play around with some selfies using your temporary S10 (or S10+ and S10e) devices. Munch on some popcorn, sip on coffee or juice and live YO best life.

There’s a charging station too, in case you need to recharge your device.

A wireless charging station has been set-up, along with fun bean bags and some juice, coffee and popcorn for everybody!

Whats App Image 2019 04 17 At 12 54 06 Pm

Stage 6: Bedazzle your phone with customiseable designs

YAS! Colour, cover, and anything design-related?

Your Samsung’s sorted.

Stage 7: Learn a few new things in the workshop section

Daily workshops take place in this area, where pros teach you tips-and-tricks to using the phone in several situations, like: travel, content-creation and video editing.

Weekdays between 6 & 8pm

While expert sessions take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 6pm, with a few influencers poppin’ by here and there!

Stage 8: Ask the pros ANY questions you have

The pros over at this area will cover everything you’re curious of- from price per GB, specs all the way down to explaining the new software features.

Stage 9: An entire wall displaying the phones and gears

where you’ll probs end up saying…

Wanna check it out?

Grab yo mates and head out to City Walk after work or during the weekend, and check out all the FUN things going on at the Galaxy Studio.

You can visit from now until May 4 from 10am-midnight EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Time’s tickin- tick tock tick tock!

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