Calling All Athletes: The Under Armour Challenge Is Back And Bigger And Better Than Ever

And you could win a meet and greet with Michael Phelps, and a YEAR'S sponsorship with Under Armour

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The infamous Under Armour Challenge is back, and testing the strength, endurance and determination of UAE athletes.

If you think you've got the grit, determination and stamina it takes to be a top level athlete, this is the challenge for you. 

In conjunction with the opening of the country's biggest Under Armour store at Dubai Mall, the challenge will be at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink on a custom-built venue this Saturday

What it's all about

The competition will require athletes to participate in enduring fitness tests including sprints, rowing, cycling, kettle-bell lifts, as well as bodyweight exercises, and power tests. 

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Fittest of them all 

A male and a female winner will be chosen at the end of the challenge.

Who will each win a year's sponsorship from Under Armour, as well as VIP tickets to attend a Q&A with swimming legend, Michael Phelps! 


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Meet the most decorated Olympian of all time

The Olympian with 23 gold medals, Michael Phelps is coming to Dubai in association with Under Armour to celebrate the Under Armour Challenge and the opening of the huge new store.

Phelps says: “It’s an amazing opportunity to join Under Armour and open their newest Brand House in Dubai. Witnessing the expansion of the brand from my hometown in Baltimore, Maryland to Dubai and all over the world is incredible and I’m honored to be part of the brand’s ability to empower athletes everywhere.”

The deets

The comp is on Saturday September 9 at Dubai Mall. Registration prior is essential. 

Cost: AED100 per person.

See the event here.

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